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While every fluorescent filter set has a Gap separating excitation and emission passbands, many sets for short Stokes Shift probes have large Gaps that shift the emission filter to longer wavelengths. The emission filter captures less fluorescence and the filter set’s performance is therefore reduced. IDEX Health & Science’s new Semrock Avant™ technology narrows this Gap and brings the emission and excitation passbands close together.
Integration of pooled CRISPR genetic screening with cellular and sub-cellular imaging readouts is critical to improving phenotypic definition in image-based genetic knockout studies. Wheeler and co-workers describe screening CRISPR-infected HEK293T cells on microraft arrays, followed by automated high-resolution confocal imaging to identify regulators of stress granules, which are punctate protein–RNA assemblies that form during cellular stress. Confocal imaging of microraft arrays was accomplished using a CELESTA Light Engine coupled to a CrestOptics X-Light V2 L-FOV spinning disk confocal.
Semrock's new Verona™ long-pass filters series are specially designed for Raman instruments to detect the smallest signals close to the laser line. The transition width of the filters is ≤ 0.2% relative to the edge wavelength while still achieving transmission > 90% and blocking > OD6.
The passive shedding of micro scale water droplets has the potential to enhance heat transfer, anti-icing, and self-cleaning properties. To study this process, researchers at the University of Illinois developed an improved imaging technique called focal plane shift imaging (FPSI) to measure three-dimensional (3D) droplet trajectories. A high-illumination is supplied by a SOLA Light Engine.

High Dissolved Solids in ICP - We Offer Solutions

ICP analysis of sample solutions with high dissolved solids is challenging. The high TDS concentrations stress the sample introduction system of the ICP instrument, can lead, for example, to salt crystallization at the nebulizer tip and increased wear of the torch. This is associated with very high costs for the replacement of parts and especially for downtime of the ICP device. To meet these challenges, we offer a wide range of components.
The ECOPRE is the ideal system for acid digestions and aqua regia extractions in environmental, food and bioanalytical applications. It's metal-free and works according to the method of pressure-free digestion under reflux (corresponding to DIN ISO 11466). It combines precision with easy handling and cost efficiency.

Video Shows How to Close Vials Tightly

With the practical screw tool you can tightly close our vials of the All-in-One series - good for transport and storage of sample material.
Get now the latest generation of Argolight products at AHF analysentechnik! Argolight has just released the biggest renewal of its successful and practice-proven fluorescence slides since 2012. The generation V2 slides are equipped with new glasses which improve the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent patterns two to three times stronger than with the glasses of the prior generation.
The new AF-2000 LED light source series for fluorescence microscopy offers high variability and optical performance at a low price.

Vessels for Cryo Storage of Sample Material

The preservation of valuable samples by cryo storage is becoming more and more standard in science and research as well as in medicine. In these areas, biological sample material is frozen at sometimes very low temperatures in order to maintain the vitality of whole cells or functional cell structures over a longer period of time. Sample vials made of the fluoropolymer PFA are particularly well suited for the storage and transport of sensitive samples. PFA is an ultra-pure, high-end polymer that is stable at temperatures as low as −200°C.
In this video, we will show you how to properly clean soiled optical filters and beam splitters and which items you will need for it.
We had the opportunity to participate in a web pitch series on photonics and machine vision offered by the SpectroNet innovation cluster. Here you can watch the video of the pitch presented by Dr. Jakob Bierwagen …
Increase sensitivity in the determination of cold vapour/hydride forming elements such as As, Se, Sb, Tl and Hg without compromising detection of other elements! This can be achieved using the new HydraMist spray chamber by Glass Expansion.

Chasing Down Viruses with PCR and Optical Filters

For Multiplex PCR we offer high quality optical fluorescence filters which are specially matched to all common fluorescent dyes such as FAM, ROX, HEX, Cy5, JOE, etc. The filters or filter sets are highly selective and have a transmission of >95%.