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Trade fairs are postponed, conferences cancelled, travel restricted. So we are going on a new path. Visit us from 19 to 23 October 2020 at the analytica virtual – the new online trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and analytica conference.

Back in Stock: VersaChrome Filters from Semrock

Filter manufacturer Semrock has re-introduced some of its tunable edge and bandpass filters of the VersaChrome series – not least they offer great value for the user.
AHF analysentechnik designed an affordable but nevertheless yet powerful experimental fluorescence microscope for a customer within a short time. This was made possible by the use of standard components from brand manufacturers and our many years of experience in the field of microscopy.

3D Animation Illustrates Functionality

Take a look at the functionality of the APS-2000 acid purification system and ECOPRE sample digestion system as a 3D animation now!
Benefit from the manufacturer's warranty for hard-coated optical filters.

Special Size Filters

New imaging technologies (cameras, sensors) require very flexible shapes and diameters of optical filters. Requirements can vary from very large sizes (e.g. 280 x 280 mm) to very small sizes (e.g. 2 x 4 mm or 3 mm diameter). AHF can provide such special-sized filters to its customers.
MERFISH (multiplex error robust fluorescence in situ hybridization) is an imaging technique that profiles cell populations based on the identification of thousands of RNA transcripts per cell. The CELESTA light engine is an ideal and widely-adopted illumination source for this application.
Beam distortion, ghost images, disturbing background signals or background radiation are problems that are perceived as very disturbing by users in optics and photonics, fluorescence microscopy, high-resolution microscopy or in the development of handheld systems.
The use of ultra-pure acids is elementary and indispensable in ultra-trace analysis. However, high costs can be incurred for the purchase of ultrapure acids. With the APS-2000 Acid Purification System you can produce ultra-pure acids in ppt quality from acids of lower purity but cheaper price in the laboratory according to your daily requirements.

All-in-one Sample Vessels

Laboratory users don’t want to have contamination in samples they analysing. Especially in ultra-trace analysis when measurements of smallest element concentrations are to be detected, contaminations can distort significantly the analysis result. This can perhaps also lead to a loss of an unique sample. Learn more about how to reduce contamination risks and work more effectively with All-in-one sample vessels from AHF analysentechnik.
Date: March 1 – 4, 2020 in Münster, Germany
We will present at the annual conference of the German Society for Mass Spectrometry (including the ICP-MS User's Meeting) accessories and components for the sample introduction system of ICP instruments as well as laboratory equipment and devices to improve the accuracy of your measurement results in ultra-trace analysis and to simplify the workflow.
The new light source CELESTA from Lumencor delivers approximately 1 watt of output power from each of its 7 individually addressable solid-state laser light sources (7 watts total). The laser outputs are allied to sophisticated control and monitoring systems to deliver the performance needed for spinning disk confocal microscopy, optogenetics and other advanced imaging applications.
Date: February 5 – 7, 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland
We will show high end optical filters and components for cytometry and LED light sources.
Date: January 13 – 18, 2020 in Tucson, USA
We show at our booth accessories and components for the sample introduction system of ICP instruments as well as PFA laboratory products which help you to improve the accuarcy of your results in ultra-trace analysis.
Allocate and recognize your sample vials better with permanent markings. With our laser labeling system we are able to apply your individual engraving permanently on nearly all surfaces.
Maybe you have tried to reproduce an experiment with a fluorescence microscope and despite detailed instructions, it does not work. Here, the Argolight calibration systems are the solution to rule out uncertainties on the instrumental side.
The Manual TuneCube allows users to manually tune spectral properties of optical filters or dichroic beam splitters without beam-deviation. It is a very versatile basic version of the Automatic TuneCube developed by AHF.
Increase sensitivity in the determination of cold vapour/hydride forming elements such as As, Se, Sb, Tl and Hg without compromising detection of other elements! This can be achieved using the new HydraMist spray chamber by Glass Expansion.
AHF analysentechnik offers the new Argo-POWER from Argolight. It is specifically designed to assess and follow the performances of fluorescence-based imaging systems, such as wide-field, confocal, spinning disk and other types of microscopes with high magnification (HM) objectives.
We also support our customers in ICP sample introduction with custom-specific product solutions.
AHF analysentechnik is proud to announce its new TriggerBox which allows you to control fast, accurate and flexible different light sources from various manufacturers supported by common microscopy software.

Custom-specific Filter Designs

We offer filter designs which suit perfect to your needs and your system. You benefit from 25 years of interdisciplinary expertise in developing and specifying optical filters.

Flexible and Space-saving Digestion System

The ECOPRE is ideal for acid digestion in food analysis because it’s inert, easy to handle and works pressure-free.

Effective Transport of μL-Samples with xLess

Step into a new dimension of sample transport in ultra-trace analysis! The new xLess system developed by AHF analysentechnik fulfils challenging tasks for sample transport systems in ultra-trace analysis with ICP-MS: Long-distance transport from the autosampler to detector, automatic and continuous control in 24/7 operation mode, stable measuring over minutes in ultra-pure conditions which ensure highest sample integrity.