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Maybe you know that: You want to reproduce an experiment with a fluorescence microscope and despite detailed instructions, it does not want to work. Here, the Argolight calibration systems are the solution to rule out uncertainties on the instrumental side.

Filter Cubes for TIRF Microscopy

AHF analysentechnik offers highly selected optical filters for TIRF applications which are mounted in special filter cubes. They are available for microscopes from Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica.

Applications of Lumencor LED Light Sources

Are you still using traditional lamps for your microscope needs? Do you want something brighter and more stable that avoids the use of mercury and consumes less power? AHF analysentechnik offers LED light sources from Lumencor which are innovative, powerful, pure, stable, durable and cost-effective lighting solutions as well as perfectly matching optical filters.
Spray chambers are crucial for sample introduction in ICP instruments. When the nebulizer has generated an aerosol of the liquid sample, the chamber separates the larger droplets of the aerosol from the smaller ones. That introduces the sample smoother into the plasma.

No More Clogged Nebulizers!

The patented Burgener parallel path nebulizers offer a precise and reliable technique, which comply with the basic request for precise and reliable sample introduction in ICP-MS and ICP-OES, especially with samples containing high solids or particles.

Optical Filters for Flow Cytometry (FACS)

Flow cytometry is a well established biophysical technology for cell counting and cell sorting, esp. for blood cells in routine and research. To adjust the system set-up to the samples, different laser combinations will be necessary. For optimizing the S/N ratios, it will be always recommended to check the optical components: Specific bandpass filters and precisely selected dichroics (“longpass filters”) should be precisely matched to the combination of lasers and the specific dyes.

Optical Filters for Live-cell Imaging

Optical filters are always a necessary requirement for optimized live cell imaging documentation. They must fit correctly into the puzzle set by the whole complex system – Comprising: Microscope set up, the fluorophores used, variations in the sample, detector specifications, excitation source type, and personal preferences.

Custom-specific Filter Designs for Machine Vision

Optical filters are crucial for imaging systems in research and industry. Particularly when image signals are captured in sensor and control systems they play a key role in filtering out of unwanted signals.

Labware Made from Ultra-pure PFA Polymer

PFA is widely used in ultra-trace analysis and also in bioanalysis due to its superior properties. Therefore PFA is also suitable for long term storage of sensitive or valuable samples, like high-purity acids, proteins, DNA, or active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Nebulizers for ICP Sample Introduction

The nebulizer is an essential part in the sample introduction in ICP instruments. We offer nebulizers from different manufacturers and in different designs. Therefore, we are able to offer you the best nebulizer for your sample and application.