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Perfluoroalkoxy Polymer (PFA)

PFA is a fully fluorinated plastic that can be processed thermoplastically. It was developed by the company DuPont and introduced in 1972. Due to its resistance to organic solutions, acids and alkalis, PFA plastic is also very well suited for use in laboratories. It is also highly pure, that's why it is used in particular in instrumental analysis when it comes to detecting the smallest element concentrations. Well known trade names and manufacturers of PFA are e.g. Teflon™ PFA (DuPont / Chemours), 3M™ Dyneon™ PFA or NEOFLON PFA (DAIKIN Industries).

Versatile and Reusable Laboratory Vessels

The excellent material properties of laboratory vessels made of PFA make them ideal for use in areas of highly sensitive analysis, ultrapure production of various chemical or pharmaceutical products and contamination-free transfer of chemical substances or media. Since PFA plastic is resistant to high temperatures, the laboratory vessels can also be used for wet chemical digestions and extractions. In addition, PFA laboratory vessels can be easily cleaned by placing them in acid, evaporation, steam sterilization or autoclaving. This means that bottles and vessels can be reused many times.

Large Selection of PFA Laboratory Products

AHF analysentechnik offers a variety of common and useful laboratory articles made of PFA, such as bottles, sample tubes, centrifuge tubes, tubes, vials, sample cups, autosampler vials, beakers, dishes, flasks, measuring beakers, forceps, tweezers, spatulas, filter holders, connectors, fittings, valves, tubes and more. Special designs and customized laboratory articles made of PFA are also available. Please contact us if you have any questions or when you need a special labware design!