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Equipment and Supplies for Ultra-trace Analysis

Ultra-trace analysis can detect substances in very low element concentrations (less than 1 ppm/parts per million to approx. ppt/part per trillion). Various instrumental methods are available in elemental analysis laboratories. The detection of small amounts of substances places special demands on the laboratory equipment and sample containers used for sample handling in the analysis process. To avoid contamination and cross-contamination of the sample, they must be made of high-purity materials. At AHF you can obtain accessories and devices that are excellently suited for ultra-trace analysis: metal-free heating plates, instruments for sample digestion, acid purification systems that work according to the sub-boiling principle, vessel purification systems, sample digestion devices, peristaltic pumps and pump tubings as well as desiccators (also with vacuum and automatic function). Thus, AHF offers ideal product solutions for the demanding work of laboratory service providers, test laboratories, environmental laboratories or company laboratories.

Components and Accessories for ICP-MS/OES

For the analytical detection of element trace contents, the ICP method with optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS) is widely used. Due to the wide range of application areas and sample matrices, different requirements are also placed on the components of the sample introduction system of the respective ICP instrument. The requirements range from high-purity to hydrofluoric acid-resistant materials to components that still function perfectly at high salt and particle contents. In AHF’s laboratory supplies you will find suitable consumables and accessories such as concentric nebulizers, parallel path nebulizers, Scott, cyclone, tandem spray chambers made of glass and plastic, torches, interface cones (skimmer / sampler), injectors, radio frequency (RF) coils and more accessories for sample introduction and sample transport. For the sample introduction system of your ICP instrument AHF offers a product selection for more than 50 different ICP models – even for older instrument models!

Labware Made from the High-performance Polymer PFA

As a supplier and online shop for high-quality laboratory supplies and technical products, AHF’s product range also includes laboratory products made of PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy polymer), e.g. bottles, sample vessels, vials, jars, sample cups, tubes, digestion vessels, autosampler tubes, beakers, tweezers, spatulas and other useful tools for sample handling. The PFA laboratory products are very well suited for sample preparation and storage of sensitive samples and high-purity reagents in the fields of inorganic ultra-trace analysis and bioanalysis. Further applications are for example geochemistry, environmental analysis, quality control in the semiconductor industry, metrology, biomedical analysis or forensics. PFA plastic is chemically inert, robust, temperature-resistant, acid stable, transparent, has a smooth and hydrophobic surface and very good low binding properties. AHF’s laboratory products is a great support in daily laboratory work for getting measurement results with high accuracy and reliability. Customized products made of PFA plastic are also available on request.