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ET Bandpass 400/40

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  • F47-444
Wellenlänge nm
AOI 0° diameter 25 mm more
Product information "ET Bandpass 400/40"
AOI 0°
diameter 25 mm
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OEM-/Manufacturer Number: ET400/40x
Other physical specs: Standard Specifications of Our Filters and Beam Splitters
Number of Bands/Edges/Notches: 1
Dimensions: D = 25 mm
Scratch-Dig: 60-40
Application (Optical Filters): Standard / fluorescence
Type of Filter: Bandpass
Colour: UV/Blue
Bandwidth (nm): 40
CWL/EdgeWL/NotchWL (nm): 440
Free aperture : >=90% (elliptical)
Manufacturer (Optical Filters): Chroma