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Many Applications for Optical Filters

Optical components, such as optical filters and beam splitters, are used in a wide range of measurement and analysis methods and are a crucial component in research and measurement set-ups. High-quality optical filters make a decisive contribution to obtaining precise and reliable examination and measurement results. Optical filters are used in (light) microscopy, especially (Epi-) fluorescence microscopy, laser applications, photonics, spectral analysis or spectroscopy, in life sciences (biology, microbiology, human biology, molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, etc.), food sector, bioanalysis, biophysics, clinical sector, in medicine and pharmacy. The methods and processes in which they are used are just as diverse as the areas of application: Raman spectroscopy, FRET, multiphoton, FISH, FACS / cytometry, CARS, SERS, STORM, PALM, SIM, STED, Live Cell Imaging, Machine Vision (e.g. quality control of products or material testing in industrial production), LIDAR, etc.

Optical Filters and Beamsplitters that Fit Precisely

AHF is supplier of hard-coated optical filters and beamsplitters for many applications and measurement methods in research and analytical laboratories. We offer a wide range of optical filters (single filters and sets) and beamsplitters from different manufacturers. Optical filters for all common microscope types and microscope manufacturers are covered. Therefore, we can offer appropriate optical filters for your microscope and your specific application. In addition, AHF also offers custom-made filter designs tailored to your individual needs, even in small quantities. All filters are robust, durable and of highest quality and performance. We are happy to assist you in the selection of optical filters and beamsplitters. You will benefit from our expertise and know-how in microscopy and in specification of optical filters. If you need a filter set, we will deliver it fully assembled in the microscope filter cube! We can also offer standard filter designs for free testing on your microscope.

Equipment and Accessories for Microscopy

At AHF you get optical filters and filter cubes as well as additional equipment and other useful accessories for effective and accurate work with your microscope: the latest powerful LED light sources (also white light) from different manufacturers and light source accessories, monitoring tools from Argolight for regular quality control and calibration of fluorescence microscopes, consisting of microscope slides with different reference patterns as well as software. Furthermore, innovative products like the TuneCube for spectral adaptation of optical filters to the experimental setup or the TriggerBox as interface between computer and microscope light source. The portfolio also includes image splitters for combining several camera images and complete systems for high-content screening in cell analysis. Due to our long-term cooperation with leading international manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of products and customized solutions. We advise manufacturer-independently.