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Optical Components

The online shop of AHF provides you with high-end optical filters for microscopy, spectral analysis and photonics. Optical filters are used in fluorescence microscopy (incl. high-resolution techniques), Raman spectroscopy, cell analysis, cytometry and machine vision. Due to their cooperation with international renowned manufacturers, AHF can offer you in addition to their laboratory equipment and labware, individual filter designs and a comprehensive service. You get in the AHF shop a wide variety of dichroic and polychroic beamsplitters and mirrors for different applications. These are mounted into filter cubes of wide field fluorescence microscopes of all common microscope manufacturers (Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Motic, etc.).

Beamsplitters for Many Research Applications

AHF offers you for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques like TIRF, STED, PALM, STORM, 3D-GSDIM laser-specific beamsplitters with special sputtering techniques, excellent surface quality and very good flatness. There is a wide range of dichroics with wide reflection or wide transmission and ultra-steep. For multiphoton spectroscopy shortpass beamsplitters with wide reflection into the IR range and transmission into the UV range are available. Our ultra-steep beam splitters can be used especially in Raman spectroscopy. In FACS systems, beam splitters are used as longpass filters in special geometries. Neutral beam splitters such as 50/50 beam splitters, 80/20 to 95/5 splits as well as non-polarizing beam splitters complete the range of products. For complex systems, AHF offers customized beam splitter designs in special dimensions on substrates up to 6 mm thick for surface quality from λ/10.

LED Light Sources and LED-specific Beamsplitters

At AHF you can also get powerful LED light sources for fluorescence excitation, research and medical applications. The light sources are long-term stable, energy efficient, fast switchable, contain no mercury and have a lifetime of up to 25000 hours! In addition to fluorescence excitation, the LED light sources can be used wherever high light output is required in a small space. The fields of application include: Light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, cell biology, biophysics, medicine and life sciences. Various combinations of dual-band, triple-band, quad-band and pentaband beamsplitters are precisely adapted for LED illumination systems with functional LED light sources. For LED lighting systems with functional LED light sources, various combinations of dualband, tripleband, quadband and pentaband beam splitters are precisely adapted.