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Informationen zu Burgener


AHF offers Burgener products!

»Burgener Research Inc. (BR) was incorporated in 1995. It was an expansion of our associated company, Technical Solutions unLimited (TSU), which was started in 1988. Technical Solutions was an outgrowth of our company Burgener Technical Enterprises / Technical Service Laboratories (BTE), which was started in 1947. We have several industrial nebulizer designs being marketed for very high flow and very low flow situations. As far as we are aware, there is no limit to the flow rates able to be run on our Parallel Path designs. Burgener Research is focused on mixing gases and liquids. This also relates to our involvement with companies such as Rotary Rocket, Xcor Aerospace and Rocketplane Global, which are developing rocket engines and passenger carrying rocketplanes. Rocket engines are essentially large nebulizers using oxygen and liquid fuel instead of argon and water. But many of the scientific principals are the same.« (Source: Burgener Research)